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Genetic mutations can lead to many different diseases. At ArQule, we’re currently conducting the MOSAIC clinical trial (Miransertib in Overgrowth Syndromes in Adults and Children) for patients who have been diagnosed with either Proteus syndrome (PS), which involves a mutation in the AKT gene, or those who have been diagnosed with one of a number of distinct overgrowth disorders characterized by a mutation in the PIK3CA gene, referred to as PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum (PROS).

The MOSAIC trial aims to determine whether miransertib, a drug which inhibits the biological pathway that both AKT and PIK3CA mutations affect, can effectively treat patients who suffer from overgrowth syndromes associated with these mutations. There are currently no approved medicinal treatments, leaving patients with minimal treatment options to manage the diseases.

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For additional study details, please visit our page (NCT03094832).

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