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While kinases are involved in many cancers and other diseases, identifying and inhibiting a kinase target is often not sufficient to produce a clinically meaningful outcome for patients. However, by identifying and understanding where a specific genetic alteration or alterations, such as an activating mutation, drives the dysregulation of a kinase pathway and the disease state, we believe that targeting those alterations will lead to greater susceptibility to our drugs and meaningful outcomes for our patients. More impact on patient disease also can lead to greater clinical efficacy and the opportunity for accelerated approval strategies – an important part of ArQule’s development plan for its pipeline.

Currently, our prioritized clinical-stage pipeline consists of four drug candidates, all of which are in targeted, biomarker-defined patient populations. We have multiple ongoing clinical trials and may explore other potential drug candidates that can be applied to targeted, biomarker-defined patient populations in areas of high unmet need.

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